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Key Facts

  • Founded in 1836 with a proclamation at Glenelg, which is now a seaside suburb west of the city.
  • Fifth largest city in Australia, in terms of population.
  • The population of Adelaide is approximately 1 million people.
  • The city's economy is based on manufacturing, commodity export, defence technology, research and corresponding service industries.
  • Adelaide is home to a great number of cultural institutions located along the boulevard of North Terrace. With around 35,000 works, The Art Gallery of South Australia holds the second largest state-based collection in Australia.
  • Time Zone ACST (UTC+9:30)
  • Co-ordinates: 34°55′44″S 138°36′04″

Adelaide is one of the most populous cities in Australia and the capital of South Australia. It is located between the Gulf St. Vincent and Mount Lofty Ranges. It was named after the consort of King William IV, Queen Adelaide, and was planned as the capital for a British province in Australia. It was nicknamed as the 'City of Churches' because it was inspired by religious freedom, civil liberties, and progressivism.
As the capital of South Australia, Adelaide holds many government and financial institutions that are located in the city centre. The oldest municipal authority in Australia was founded in Adelaide when the country's first mayor, James Hurtle Fisher, was elected in 1840.

The beauty of Adelaide is owed to the vision of Colonel William Light, South Australia's first surveyor-general. Being a planned city, Adelaide is arranged in a grid that comprises of five squares in the city centre and a ring of parks surrounding it. The plan was unpopular with the early settlers but the plan was still implemented due to Light's persistence.

Adelaide is the driest Australian capital city with a semi-arid climate. Rain often falls on the winter months most especially during the month of June while the rest of the year remains mostly dry.

Adelaide is famous for a series of festivals held annually. Tourists flock to witness festivals such as Adelaide Festival of Arts and the Fringe Festival. Other festivals include the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Adelaide Film Festival, Adelaide Festival of Ideas, Adelaide Writers' Week and the WOMADelaide which are mostly held during the month of March. Adelaide is also home to the Adelaide Christmas Pageant which is considered to be the world's largest Christmas parade attracting more than 400,000 crowds yearly.

Adelaide is also known to host a list of major sporting events such as soccer, cricket and basketball; all attracting huge crowds to the AAMI Stadium or the Adelaide Oval.

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