Vote For Your Favourite Businesses

You can use StartLocal® to read public recommendations and vote for or against businesses where you've been a customer.

To deliver extra user interactivity and reward businesses which have great customer service and products, StartLocal® has created a voting system.

How Does Voting Work and What is The Score?

The voting system allows users to vote to increase or decrease the rating out of 5 for each business on StartLocal®. The calculation of the average rating is displayed as the score of the business.

What Does Voting Do?

If you have received great service or found a great product at a great price you can vote for a business on StartLocal®. Businesses with a higher total score receive a boost in relevancy for searches within Start Local, rewarding those businesses which have a higher customer satisfaction score with extra exposure and meaning that it becomes easier to find great businesses at StartLocal®.

Alternatively, if you have received poor service for a business, you can give it a lower rating.This results in a business's votes score dropping..

Why Do Some Businesses Have a Zero Score?

Keep in mind that all businesses start from zero so a score of zero may just reflect the fact that this business hasn't had anyone vote for it yet.

Does StartLocal® Ever Assign Scores Arbitrary?

No. All the scores in the system come from our users.